1996 Small MPV doodles

1996 Multi Activity Cabriolet

Here is an illustratation of an idea/concept of a Leisure Activity Vehicle (LAV) that can combines the aesthetics of an off-Road vehicle.
Additionally this sketch shows how the cost of the vehicle can be kept to a minimum without compromising the appeal. i.e. Common Door Handles inside & outside the car, bumper beams form an integral part of the design & are not cladded with plastic mouldings, non handed cater-rails & fenders and off the shelf round lamps are some of the ideas shown here.

I has been designed for Young Urban Professionals, who like to spend their leisure hours in pursuit of outdoor activities.
The retractable soft top acts gives the car the practicality of a pick-up for the storage of sporting hardware, while giving the car the appeal of a cabriolet.

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